Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why your customers should write your copy

"When you think of our toothbrushes: think great performance and great user experience". That is a dental care company's commercial that is on the radio right now.

Which is funny to me; because I've never heard anyone say "oh you're looking for toothbrush recommendations, Nathan? Try this one -- the user experience is innnnncredible."

They say: "i really like brushing my teeth with this".

Which is why we should all have our customers write for us; as they are a thousand times better at honestly and accurately describing what our products really are.

For when the people building the thing (product managers, engineers, even internal marketing ppl) are in charge of writing copy, of naming things, you end up with inside-the-bubble words being used to describe real things.

The toothbrush product managers probably had a lot of internal conversations circled on "improving the user experience" of the toothbrush. Which is fine and is their job. 

At makexyz, we have those in-bubble conversations too. but we try hard to prevent the leak of internal signifiers: "Find a 3D printer on makexyz! Our UI is really clean."

But I'm sure we can do better: so while you're using makexyz, be on the lookout for bubble words. And when you find one, email I'll fix it and send you a t-shirt. ;)

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